Developing Languages Remotely

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CHS Head of Languages, Mr Wilson offers his advice to students so they can continue to develop their languages while home.

As well as completing the work set to the best of their ability, students may consider some of the following…

  • Watch a film or programme in the foreign language and evidence this with a picture and some new vocab you’ve discovered sent to your teacher (all years).
  • Build your score on with a variety of activities, especially grammar and videos (Year 9-11).
  • Read a book related to the country where your language is spoken and become an expert. Your teacher can make suggestions (all years). 
Pan’s Labyrinth Film
  • Follow @chs_linguists for articles in English about the countries where our languages are spoken, for information about language learning and for current articles in French, German and Spanish (all years).
  • Become a Duolingo master in the languages you learn at CHS (All years).
  • Watch TED talks in French, German or Spanish (Sixth Form).
  • Enter a competition such as the Stephen Spender Poetry Prize (your teacher can suggest a poem) (all years).
  • Label items around the home with post-it notes to build your vocabulary – share your favourite words with your teacher (Years 7 – 11).
  • Teach a member of your family some language and evidence it by sharing a recording with your teacher (all years).
  • Read the next issue of ‘The Cultured Linguist’, our Modern Languages Student Magazine, and suggest an idea for the next issue. (all years)
  • In November, we hold the North Modern Languages Debating Competition. Think of an idea for a debate title, and submit it to your teacher. (all years)
  • Try to complete a whole LyricsTraining video in ‘Choice Mode’ – take a screenshot of your final score and send it to your teacher. (all years)
  • Work out in The Language Gym – get in the ring and do some Boxing, scale a Climbing Wall or hit the Verb Trainer! (all years French and Spanish – ask teacher for log in)
  • Write a compelling story in less than 100 words – submit it to the Oxford University Flash Fiction Competition or send it to your teacher. (all years)
  • Grab an article from The Day’s ‘Translations’ section – can you answer all the questions underneath and/or and write a summary in English? (all years)
  • Head to Phosphore’s GiveMeFive page – what’s going on in the news? Browse the tabs and come up with a summary. (all years)

Don’t forget to tag us on twitter in your photos and videos of you developing your languages!

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