Old Wac Lockdown Tips

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General, Old Waconians

We asked our Old Waconians for their lockdown recommendations. From recipe ideas to working from home advice, you will be able to find lots of useful tips here!

If you’d like to submit any tips or recommendations, please email er@chschool.co.uk.

These tips came from Steve Hamer, Class of 1992:

  1. “If the weather is good – working outside for an hour or two can re-energise you. I often take video calls in the garden and have spent a few whole days out there.”

2. “Ensure your office chair is suitable for longer term use. I have an orthopaedic support on mine to keep my posture and support my back.”

3. ” Make sure your desk is set up ergonomically – I re-organised the laptops and monitors to ensure I was aligned with the work computer and large screen. Takes up more desk space, but prevents neck pains.”

4. “Use video technology as much as you can. I encourage meetings via video rather than voice only – and also film a little blog for LinkedIn weekly to keep me connected with my customers.”

5. “Dress for work, so you can have defined work / life balance. I wear company polo shirts during office hours and change when I finish for the evening.”

What are your thoughts?

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