Peter Bullock Award Entries

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Whilst we are not able to host the Peter Bullock Award evening at the School this year, we are still carrying on with the award which will be judged virtually.

Here is Mr Winslow to introduce the prize:

Senior School Entries:

Lily Faust Year 9 – Black Holes

Megan Upton Year 9 – Black Holes

Morgan Pittaway Year 9 – Space Time

Morgan wrote this paper and recorded audio to go along with it.

Isobel Curry Year 9 – Properties of Light

GCSE Entries:

Miliani Fraser-Fletcher Year 11 – Taking the first image of a black hole

Raees Gul Year 10 – The Physics of Flight

Rosie Richardson Year 10 – Pulsars

You can view Rosie’s presentation here.

Hugo Ryan Year 10 – Stellar Engines

Amy Upton Year 11 – The Schrödinger’s Cat paradox

View Amy’s presentation here.

Sixth Form Entries:

Teri Devlin Upper Sixth – Seeing things which don’t exist

View Teri’s presentation here.

Joe Tabachnik Lower Sixth – Time Dilation

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