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Homeward Bound

Welcome to The Head’s weekly blog. Each week Mr Neil Smith will be writing a blog post for you to enjoy. This week’s theme is music. Over the course of the next few weeks, when most members of the School are going about their business […]

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Measure for Measure: Finding the Happy Ending in Education

Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is one of my favourite plays to teach; often referred to as one of the ‘problem’ plays, it challenges an audience’s liking for complete resolution, posing questions that remain fundamentally unanswered in the final moments.  There …
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Sport: Setting The Best Example

Sport is often cited as setting the best example for young people for desirable values and qualities. At the current time, we are awash with sport and sporting household names that fill our TV screens and radio airwaves with their …
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The Class of 2013

The Cheadle Hulme School Class of 2013 graduated with flying colours this week: it was a very special night for everyone.  For the students, it was their final au revoir to a school that they have known for as little as two or as many as 14 […]

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Labels: A Strange Relationship

We have a strange relationship with labels; some labels we actively pursue, others we do all that we can to avoid. Reflections on how we are defined have been prompted by a number of recent events. Firstly, the reaction to Margaret Thatcher’s death.  I wonder […]