Blog Post from the Head

Standing at the podium preparing to deliver my inaugural speech at the School’s Annual Celebration Evening I was able to reflect on the great sense of privilege I felt to be the Head of a school which is so explicit in wishing to celebrate not […]

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Academic Aspirations

Current and former students from cheadle Hulme School talk about how their education has helped them work towards their chosen career and offer a few words of encouragement to anyone wishing to pursue the occupation of their dreams…

TeamCHS takes on the Wilmslow Half

A committed group of parents, staff, students, and Old Waconians have joined together to get active and take on a challenge with a cause. TeamCHS are running the Wilmslow Half Marathon on 18 March 2018 in honour of students and former students who are currently […]

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Disruptive technology

The term ‘disruptive technology’ was coined in 1997 by Harvard professor Clayton M Christensen, who categorised new technologies as either ‘sustaining’ (those that rely on incremental changes to existing technology) or ‘disruptive’ – brand new, untried technologies that completely alter the way entire industries or […]

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Modern Languages – Getting Parents Involved

As exam season approaches, the Modern Languages Department share 12 tips on how parents can offer help with Languages homework. Modern Languages is a subject area which many conscientious parents fret about. At Parents’ Evenings we, the teachers, regularly hear things like, “I worry because I just […]

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Charlie Troup, Class of 2012 – Finding Your Spark

Charlie Troup, Class of 2012 is currently studying a Masters in British and European History at The Queen’s College, Oxford. Here, Charlie shares his passion for learning, his thoughts on how today’s politics become tomorrow’s history and advice for young people looking for their ‘spark’. […]

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International Women’s Day

Upper Sixth student, Phoebe McGowan is a member of Cheadle Hulme School’s Equality Society and has been promoting International Women’s Day throughout the school.  Here, she explores the origins of International Women’s Day and how the messages translate in modern media. On March 8th, 1917 […]

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