Charities Update – Autumn Term 2019

By Caroline Dunn, Deputy Head – Admissions, Service and Partnerships  I want to thank all our students and parents for all of your support for the charitable and altruistic work that we have done during the Autumn Term and to share some of the highlights […]

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Independent Enquiry at CHS

The word ‘learn’ comes from the old English term lore, as in farming lore, which literally means ‘instruction’ and refers to a body of traditions and knowledge of a subject, in this case farming.

The Waconian Sport Way – Half Term 1

Sport again has been at the forefront of pupils lives at Cheadle Hulme School with many of our Waconian’s taking part in various foundation, development and performance sports opportunities. This term, we introduced another batch of budding year 7s into our community, introducing them to […]

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The Importance of Remembrance

One thing that can be taken away from this day is the importance of treating others with kindness and respect; it seems so easy in a polarised world to focus on oneself and individual matters, and to find endless fault or flaw in those of different views or background. As pupils of CHS we’ve been taught how to reflect on our relationships with others and the impact both our words and actions have on each other.

GCSE Results Day 2019

As we welcome our GCSE students to receive their results we want to share with you some of their plans for their future and what contributed to their GCSE success. We will be updating the blog throughout the day. Elizabeth Fisher Elizabeth is one of […]

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A Level Results Day 2019

Today we wish to recognise and praise our A Level students who have done well in their results, worked hard and shown resilience. We will be updating this blog as the day goes on so make sure to keep checking back. Oliver Potts “If your […]

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CHS Rugby Tour Diary: South Africa

CHS Rugby have landed in Cape Town for a fortnight for sporting action and seeing the sights of South Africa. Stay up to date here with news, video and photos from the latest CHS Sports Tour… #CHSSA19  12.07.19 We’ve all enjoyed the afternoon at the game […]

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Year 7 Thinking Skills Project

Last week saw the whole of Year 7 spend a day off time table working on their Thinking Skills Project. More details of what the students have to do for this project can be found over on the website. We caught up with a few […]

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Altruistic Lauren is heading to Brazil.

Upper Sixth Student Lauren Wheeler has been selected as a youth delegate at the Bayer Youth Ag Summit in Brazil. We caught up with her to hear about the exciting opportunity. How do you feel about being selected? I’m really excited! I’ve really taken an […]

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