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Disruptive technology

The term ‘disruptive technology’ was coined in 1997 by Harvard professor Clayton M Christensen, who categorised new technologies as either ‘sustaining’ (those that rely on incremental changes to existing technology) or ‘disruptive’ – brand new, untried technologies that completely alter the way entire industries or […]

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Charlie Troup, Class of 2012 – Finding Your Spark

Charlie Troup, Class of 2012 is currently studying a Masters in British and European History at The Queen’s College, Oxford. Here, Charlie shares his passion for learning, his thoughts on how today’s politics become tomorrow’s history and advice for young people looking for their ‘spark’. […]

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Measure for Measure: Finding the Happy Ending in Education

Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is one of my favourite plays to teach; often referred to as one of the ‘problem’ plays, it challenges an audience’s liking for complete resolution, posing questions that remain fundamentally unanswered in the final moments.  There …
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Making Mistakes

Junior School Head, Mrs Barbara Bottoms discusses how we can learn from our mistakes: “Some of the most important inventions have been discovered by mistake; penicillin was the result of someone not cleaning up after themselves, pacemakers came about when the wrong thing was taken […]

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